Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Ground

Hel-LO New York!

A quick update!

I've settled into my new corporate job in Manhattan and have finally adopted a running routine again, in none other than the amazing Central Park.

Route - October 6th
New York's Nike Run Club is absolutely organized chaos compared to Miami's, and I only made it through two runs with them until I decided to simply drop my stuff off at the five-story Niketown on 57th Avenue and settle into a nice jog at my own pace.

I've got a small secret:: I'm tentatively training for the ING marathon - yes, eek! marathon! - at the end of January. I'm at 6.5 miles as of last week. I've set my own schedule to increase my mileage by one mile each week until two weeks before the race, which will put me at a maximum of 22 miles. I think that's ample enough time and distance to prepare for it. I'd love to qualify for Boston when/if I make it to Miami. I'm pretty sure I'll never want to run a marathon ever again, so if I qualify, I can put it in the books and consider it done. I wouldn't even necessarily RUN Boston. Doesn't qualifying for it sound like an accomplishment in and of itself??? YES IT DOES!  I need to keep my pace at less than nine minutes per mile. It's been steady at 8:45-9:30 minutes per mile for the last 3 weeks which is completely acceptable to me. I honestly have no idea if I can keep this up as the weather gets wicked cold in December and January, and I adamantly refuse to join a gym. But the fire's been lit, and I think it's one that I won't be able to douse!