Thursday, April 14, 2011

1 More Day in Paradise

Well, this is it! I'm moving back to DC tomorrow. I'm all packed, a bunch of light warm-weathered clothes aren't tough to throw into boxes. No furniture, no TV - what can I say, I travel light. I'm excited to get back to the cherry blossoms, the downtown happy hours, the sloping hills of the city, the skyline of historical monuments, and of course, my fabulous friends and family. I'm trying to block out what I'm leaving behind: the sky blue Carribean waters, the smell of the sea on every tropical breeze, these amazing palm trees, and of course, my fabulous friends.

This Saturday, five friends and myself are running the DC Challenge Adventure Race: The Ultimate Urban Scavenger Race What a perfect way to get back into my DC scene! Our team name is Superheroes in Training. Yeah, I bet you can't WAIT to see those pictures.

My blogs will revert very quickly to run-focused entries upon my return. Lately it's been soccer-driven exercise. I was in a 6v6 tournament last weekend. It was great to be on the outdoor field again. There's so much more... space out there.  The night games were easy to run in, but playing soccer at noontime on a Saturday afternoon in Florida, WHOO-EE! I hope you've stocked up on Gatorade and water! In the second game, after my hat trick, I managed to land a nice, fat ball in my face and went down hard. Of course I didn't go to the emergency room until after I played the four remaining games of the tournament (all in true soccer spirit!) where I discovered that I had bruised my retina. Sounds bad, I know. Fortunately the only residual effects (after my headache dissipated a whole three days later...) is a cloudy vision spot on the lower hemisphere of my left eye at nighttime. I came out of the hit with not even a scratch. I'm really, really lucky. Since we're talking about soccer injuries, I must say that my favorite soccer injury (and by far, the coolest one to get), is when the ball hits you so hard that it leaves the indent of the ball pattern on your body. "So, what sports do you play?" -- "Oh, well, just take a look at this trusty ball print on my thigh. Yep, I play soccer!" If you're going to go out with an injury, whether its a sprained ankle, or a torn ACL, I sure hope it's doing something that you love. For me, a soccer injury will alwaysss be worth it.

If you need me, I'll be face down, hugging the sand for the remainder of the day. I wonder if I can pack some gecko's in my carry-on...


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