Friday, August 28, 2015

Eggs and Singapore

I think I'll take the first part of my 30s to try and develop the perfect scrambled eggs plate. Well, perfect for me, since we all fare differently when it comes to our palates. 

This was this morning's attempt. 

It's contains the basics: eggs, milk, spinach, garlic, basil, tomatoes. But instead of adding salt, I pressed and finely chopped two slices of salami, tossed them in the pan and BOO YA... what a delicious kick of flavor. I usually add a bit of hot sauce on top of my finished eggs, but this morning I tossed a wee bit of this into my uncooked, stirred eggs. 

I probably could've used a little more; it didn't really come through. And I'm not sure that I'm fond of so much spinach. It brings a darkness to the dish. I think I'll use less next time. I definitely got a little spinach happy on this one. Overall, I think I'm on the right track.

Singapore seems to be a very ritzy, businessy, expensive, clean, beautiful city. The foliage is absolutely stunning. The tropical air is keeping these plants extremely happy. It's a cultural melting pot of all types - mostly Chinese - including Austrailians, Indians and British; a complete 180 from Chiangmai, where I saw less than 10 non-Thais every day. Singapore celebrated its 50-year anniversary earlier this month, only gaining its independence as the Republic of Singapore in 1965. It's almost a "new city". Isn't that crazy! There are about 5.5 million people living here, English is the common language, and they're known for their "practical, effective, and incorrupt governance and civil service" and has been hailed as "one of the easiest cities in which to do business". 

Just last year, an Indian man was struck and killed by a bus, while he was drunkenly reveling through the end of his weekend, as it was common for them to do. Indians banded together and rioted in the streets. The government refused to tolerate the riots, and passed a law forbidding the sale of alcohol on the street after 10pm. 

Prostituion is legal (yep, saw them all lined up at the Hyatt), but it's IL-legal for girls to be topless in strip clubs. To that end, most media is PG-d down to exclude profanity and extreme violence. We were watching "Salt" last night, and most of the aggressive fighting had been removed. 

If you bring your family to dinner on Friday evenings, you get a discount at restaurants, which encourages parents to spend more time with their children. 

I like the way they run things here. Solid system. And run by the same ruling family for most of the last 50 years- the original prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, passed away only earlier this year. His son, Lee Hsien Yoong, is currently ruling the Republic. 

Today's agenda consisted only of recovery. If I'm being completely honest here, that amazing breakfast plate was brought to you by a fabulous hangover, courtesy of being reunited with my wonderful friend Emerson, after five years of separation and many, many countries between us. After last night, I already feel like I've seen enough to call it a successful trip. 

We started at a fabulous tapas restaurant, followed by an exhilarating elevator ride to the 64th floor rooftop club, Altitude, and finally down into the Hyatt Regency's bar and lounge to join the hard working financier's for an early start to their weekends. I have no idea how I rallied for such a late night. Why I decided to take a sleeping pill for a three hour flight is BEYOND me. I was a walking zombie in Singapore's airport and hard pressed to get to bed early. I guess old friends just bring out the 22-year-old in us. 

Anyway, with Emerson off to the office for a few hours, in a sort of walking zombie state himself and grumbling that he was too old for this too, after breakfast, I decided to go for a jog through Fort Canning Park across the street. I'm not sure how I didn't read more into the "fort" part of it. My legs weren't ready for this.

Or this.

But I made it! 

Sort of. 

WOW, what an amazing fort! The trees! The trees are cah-razy beautiful.

I dragged myself back down the mountain, I mean, park and swam a few laps in the "lap pool".

Not to be confused with the adjacent "community pool". 

Nice job, Emerson! ✔️

And what better way to polish of a day of full-body-systems recovery than by drowning some dumpling's in chilies and soy sauce. 

Sans alcohol, of course. Earl Grey Iced Tea, anyone? How DOES one create an ice cube shaped like a tennis ball?


And some mango pudding to seal the deal. 

Let's try this again tomorrow, Singapore. 

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