Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Starting Over

As you can clearly tell, by the lapse of time between this and my previous post, I have slacked (a regrettable amount!) in my running-every-other-day regiment. The first week I had company, the second week I was out of town, and this last week, well, I'm pretty sure that the only thing that was running anywhere was a bunch of petrified turkeys. I was able to run last Thursday - yes, Thanksgiving morning! Oh, and PS - running up and down the hilly roads of DC worked my gluteus maximus and minimus like the flat roads of Florida are never have. *ouch!

 So tonight my feet were practically clawing for those board walk planks with my body screaming, "Yes! We're running again!"  But let me tell you, 3 weeks of down time after 10 weeks of consistent training and building...wow. Tonight felt like I was starting over.  I felt pain in muscles that are definitely not supposed to be hurting at a casual jogging pace. (Well, I'd call it more of a slow trot.)  I didn't know that the tops of my kneecaps could hurt.

My shoulder devil was saying, 'Katie, you wasted 10 weeks of your life. How difficult would it really have been to lace up and hit the street, JUST ONCE, over the last few weeks!'  But thank goodness that my shoulder angel piped in, 'Look at you, getting back in the game. Don't forget, Katie, your goal is to not walk one single step on Sunday, only run. You can do it, one step at a time, even if you're running slow and easy.'  And as they usually do, my shoulder angel won.  Starting over is hard, but it's really believe that it's all about psychological control. Once you've developed your mental strategy, you can re-build your confidence and focus on achieving the goals that you started out with.  It's like that wonderful attorney who was sitting on the plane next to me said: "Find the image that you want of yourself, and take baby steps, each day, to become that image. Life isn't planned, it's built on imagery."  Well, the image is looking like an unstoppable Katie trotting right past that final marker and sprinting down her last quarter mile.

Shoulder Devil 0   Shoulder Angel  365,109,265,473,776

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