Sunday, February 13, 2011


I wanted to squeeze a good run in before the Art Walk tonight, but there were a few interruptions. The first two startled me so badly that I had to pause for a "be still my heart" moment:

1. Homeless man sleeping in the shadows of the board walk
2. Cat fell from palm tree branches directly in front of my face
3. Fireworks show on the beach!

4. Heather's phone call about meeting up at Art Walk. I generally never ever ever pick up my phone during my runs, but we had plans to meet up. In fact, after I got the call, I realized I was completely out of time and turned around and sprinted hard back home, to make up for the shortened overall distance.

Friends back home would probably slap me for saying this, but it's getting chilly down in South Florida. I was running in 55 degree weather. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. My wonderful roommate, Natalie, advised me to wear some extra clothes; advice which I confidently ignored saying I would get hot quickly. Well... it was cold. The chest, legs and arms get heated the fastest, but all of my appendages were co-co-cold. People at the Art Walk were decked out in New York style black leggings and heavy jackets. I guess it really is winter!  Hopefully I won't catch the flu tomorrow after paddle boarding (my first attempt!) in winter water.

Gene Harris' "At Last" is putting me to sleep. Gorgeous version here. I would highly recommend adding it to the soundtrack of your Valentine's Day evening!

Eyelids are so so heavy...


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