Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Days Off

Oh, goodness. I do NOT like not running. My quads and calves are still twisted up like a pretzel and tight with knots all over. I can feel them twinge with every step, but am doing my best to just put it out of my mind and keep the standing and walking to a minimum.  I must have pulled some baby tendons pretty badly! I can't believe I'm going to take a week off after running this silly 13.1. My inner RunMoo misses the boardwalk so(!) much.

I had a decent soccer game last night; we came back and ended up tying the game 7-7. I was in pain as soon as I stopped running, but didn't feel anything when I was playing. It probably wasn't smart to go play, but come on... who's going to resist a mid-week, co-ed, 6v6, rooftop, turf, soccer game? I met some cool new people. A lot of them have re-located here form the northeast.  It felt like a piece of home when I was talking to them. That's the ideal situation: all of my wonderful friends living down here in this gorgeous tropical city with me. Win-win!

So, no review yet for those Nike Compression Shorts. Hopefully next week! Mom's coming into town tomorrow night. I think we're going to hit the 15 mile bike at Shark Valley on Saturday. That probably isn't smart either. Hopefully nothing an ice bath and some Motrin can't fix.

Yay, it's Friday!

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